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Little Boy

This past Wednesday, I attended a Premiere of a film called “Little Boy”.  This is one of the greatest movies I have ever watched!  It moved me to tears and it made me laugh, but most importantly, it made me happier and closer to God.

This is an amazing film based on a boy, Pepper, who’s father has to go fight in World War II.  Pepper’s father is his one and only friend.  He is so sad to see him go that he decides to do anything he can to bring his father back.

During the film, Pepper becomes friends with a Japanese man, which makes many people in his town view Pepper as a traitor to his country.  The Japanese man had lived in the US for over 40 years, but due to the war, that didn’t matter – he was still considered by all to be the enemy.

During the movie Pepper shows us how important it is to trust God and have faith in the hardest of times.

Go watch Little Boy and find out if Pepper can fight through the hate and bring his dad back home. Little Boy starts TODAY!


This Week in Sports

This week had it’s ups, and certainly its downs.  Here’s why…

The Great

This week in football was great, because of the one and only, SUPER BOWL!!!  This year, the New England Patriots, number one team in their conference, and the Seattle Seahawks, number one team in the conference, will play for the Lombardi Trophy.  The game will be played in Glendale, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix.  The Seahawks’ running back, Marshawn Lynch, will be a highlight in the game not only because of his explosive running power, but because of his social media problems.  On Super Bowl 49 Media Day, Lynch was asked 29 different questions, and replied them all with the same answer.  That answer?  “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”.  He said that because Roger Godell, the NFL commissioner, told Lynch that if he didn’t go to Media Day, he would be fined half a million dollars!  That’s $500,000!  Luckily, he wasn’t fined.

On the Patriots’ side, Tom Brady will be the main focus.  If you haven’t heard, the Patriots were caught deflating 11 of their 12 footballs for the conference championship against the Indianapolis Colts.  This increased the ball grip for the Patriots, and that was an unfair advantage to the Colts since it was a cold, rainy night.  All that will happen to the Patriots is probably a fine, and some draft picks may be taken away.  This is nothing for the Pats, because they are such a great football team.

My game prediction?  Seahawks: 42 – Patriots: 38

The Good

This weekend, was the finals of the Australian Open. For the men, it was a matchup of Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, versus Andy Murray, from England.  Back in the 3rd round, Roger Federer was beaten, and Rafael Nadal lost in the quarterfinals.  Djokovic won the match in four sets.  For the women, Serena Williams from the US went against Maria Sharapova, from Russia.  This was a more expected matchup, and the favored Serena Williams won in only two sets.  She is now the oldest woman to win the Australian Open, and she is now another step closer to being the greatest women’s tennis player of all time!

The Bad

On Friday, the HEAT went against former and sort of current rivals, the Dallas Mavericks.  The first and second quarter were great for the HEAT even though at one point we were 3 for 20 in three-point range.  We looked great!  Until the Second-half came along.  Once the second half began, we looked like a way different team, and not in a good way.  It seemed like we were outscored by 100!  Hopefully this is a wakeup call for the HEAT.  LeBron and the Cavaliers are currently on a 10 game win streak!  This is making us look bad, and LeBron looking good.  Thats one thing Miami does NOT want!  Lets hope that we can get our act together today against Boston!

Not the Homecoming He Expected

Finally! The most anticipated HEAT game of the season arrived!  And boy, was it worth the anticipation!

Bosh was out with a calf injury, but apparently that didn’t make much of a difference.  Before the game started, when the Cavs were warming up, LeBron came out and there wasn’t much booing or cheering.  Mostly, it was pictures.  Everyone was taking pictures, whether they were wearing a Cleveland or Miami jersey.  And then it was time for the visiting player announcing.  “#23, LeBron James” said HEAT announcer, Michael B.  Surprisingly, cheers overpowered the boos.  Now, there were boos, but I guess not all of Miami had turned there backs on LeBron.

The game had started and the HEAT were just on a roll.  We would score on pretty much every possession, and if the Cavs had the ball, we’d either block, steal, or rebound it almost every time.  LeBron was in a slump and I hadn’t seen Wade play that well all season.  Even UD (Udonis Haslem) was playing great!  Honestly, there wasn’t a single player on the Cavs playing well and not a single player on the Heat playing badly.  We were just playing as a better team.  The Cavs were up once in the entire course of the game but only for a minute or two.

After playing the greatest and most exciting game of the season, we won 101-91!  To summarize the game, LeBron is still loved, or at least liked, in Miami, Wade has gotten back into his groove and can win without Bosh, UD isn’t too old to play well, and the HEAT are looking like they are now in a rebuilding process.  Young players like Shabazz Napier, Norris Cole, James Ennis, Andre Dawkins (former Duke Blue Devil), Justin Hamilton, and Shawne Williams are taking over the HEAT and aren’t doing too badly.  I’d say the HEAT future doesn’t look too bad!

No LeBron? No Worries!

I’m back!!!

This Wednesday, the Heat began their 2014-15 season against the Wizards and I will tell you this – I am excited about our team!  Obviously, there was one big change, but we played very well!  We started the game trigger happy on threes but that ended pretty soon.  Even though Bosh hit 1 or 2, I wasn’t very happy with the amount we shot.  In the first half, it was either tied or a two-point game.

Spo must have fired them up because the second half was great.  James Ennis, a player who recently made it in to the 15-man roster after 2 or 3 seasons of Summer League, showed some serious potential and had a SC Top-10 play after a posterizing dunk on Rasual Butler!  Norris Cole had a strong showing with some threes and even scored a career high 23 points!  My new favorite player Shabazz Napier, a rookie out of UCONN, only had 2 points but that’s okay, he may have been nervous about his NBA debut.  At one point in the game, Wade was sent to the locker room due to a minor injury but he came back strong in the 4th quarter and finished with 21 points and 3 assists.  Bosh lead the team with 26 points and 15 rebounds!  Luol Deng scored 12 and 4 rebounds in his Heat debut.  Luckily, we came out with a 12-point win!  NO LEBRON – NO WORRIES!  This Sunday, the Heat face the Raptors at 6:30 PM.  Make sure to tune in!

Decision Time… Again

The HEAT are probably the most mentioned team during this off season because of the Big Three drama and also because of some Free Agency targets. In recent days they picked up former Bobcat Josh McRoberts and former Clipper (and Pacer) Danny Granger. McRoberts could start at center in place of Chris Bosh. Speaking of Bosh, he just received a HUGE offer from the Houston Rockets but he has also “guaranteed” that he will stay with the HEAT. What will happen with Bosh? I’m not sure.
I won’t talk too much about Wade because I am almost certain he is staying. He has never played for a team other than the HEAT and I don’t see that changing.
Last but certainly not least… Mr. LeBron “King” James. LeBron has pretty much narrowed his options down to Miami and Cleveland. In my opinion the main reason LeBron will not go back to Cleveland is because of his relationship with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. When LeBron “brought his talents to South Beach,” Gilbert wrote a mean letter about The Decision and even called LeBron a coward. It’s worth mentioning that this letter was on the Cavaliers website until Monday when it was suddenly taken down.
The Cavs currently have tons of young talent lead by first picks Kyre Irving and Andrew Wiggins. On the other hand the HEAT have veteran talent and a much better relationship with LeBron. So if LeBron still wants to win then he should stay in Miami because the Cavs have potential but they aren’t Championship ready yet.
Changing topics a bit, Pau Gasol and Luol Deng are headlining the HEAT’s offseason targets. I think they’d both be good fits for the HEAT and I think we have a good chance of getting both. As far as Cermelo Anthony, I just don’t think him coming to the HEAT is realistic…
Good luck to Giancarlo Stanton at the All Star Game. I’m excited to watch but it’s hard not seeing Jose Fernandez’ name on the roster!

The Good, The Great and the Bad.

Welcome to “The Good, The Great, and The Bad of This Week!” where I will tell you what I think was good, great, and bad from this week in sports! Lets get started!

The Good

The HEAT announced that they’re targeting Knicks free agent Carmelo Anthony to make the BIG 4! Bosh says, “It’s very, very unlikely” but think again Bosh! Pat Riley can do just about anything! Carmelo will have to decide wether he wants to go to a not as DOMINATING team and get a bigger pay check or win championships but not get paid as much. The Heat will also have to cut down on players salaries to make some cap space for Melo. I think it’s a good idea to bring Melo to Miami. We’d be unstoppable!

The Great

I know I have soccer fever, do you!?!?! The 2014 Fifa World Cup started with a great performance by Pitbull and JLo, but once the soccer started, it went a little downhill for Brazilian soccer fans. In the first few minutes of the game, Marcelo, Brazilian defender, accidentally scored an own goal to start the game 1-0 Croatia. Luckily, Brazil came back and Neymar Jr. scored a goal in the 29th minute. In the second half, a controversial yellow card was given to Croatia in the goalie box. That means Brazil gets a penalty kick. Neymar, Brazils young star took the kick and added another goal to his side, 2-1. To finish the game, Oscar scored in extra time and gave Brazil a 3-1 World Cup Opener win! Tomorrow is Italy vs England that should be a great match! By the way, my good friend and EXCELLENT reporter Victor Oquendo is reporting LIVE from the WORLD CUP. Be sure and tune in to Local 10 to watch his reports from Brazil!

The Bad

You probably guessed it. The Heat are down 3-1 and lost two straight games at home. Yes, it is embarrassing and unexpected. I really don;t want to elaborate on it so will just say this:

The San Antonio Spurs are playing like champions, the HEAT are not. I want nothing more than a Threepeat but right now it just seems like the Spurs want it much more than we do… Stay tuned!

I have been lucky enough to meet some pretty cool people at the last few games. Here I am with actor/comedian Kevin Hart and ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith!






Goodbye Brooklyn… Helloooo Pacers!

Woo Hoo!  On Wednesday, the HEAT beat the Brooklyn Nets in a nail-biting finish thanks to Ray Allen’s clutch three pointer!  The Pacers won, too 😦 .  In what will be an Eastern Conference Finals rematch, the HEAT face the Pacers in what I predict will be a 6-game HEAT WIN!  The Pacers have been rebounding TERRIBLY and their recent Playoff series have been very low scoring.  Thats on you Roy Hibbert!  I don’t think we have much to worry about for now, but I’m not going to say that we can beat the Thunder (or maybe Spurs) as easily!  Even though the Thunder lost Ibaka, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have never played so well together!  My Prediction… Eastern Conference Final: Heat 4-Pacers 2, Western Conference Final: Thunder 4-Spurs 3.  Then in the Finals……….. HEAT 4-Thunder 3.  

By the way, if it wasn’t for Ibaka’s injury, I think the Thunder would’ve won it all.  So if we have a THREE peat I may have to write Serge a Get Well/Thank you note for keeping the Big 3 together!

As for the Marlins, our MLB Playoff dreams may have been crushed after Jose Fernandez’s season ending Tommy John surgery.  They have been playing very well and I had high hopes for them but I don’t think they will do as well without Jose Fernandez.


An All Around Good Week

Hey everyone! We are one week into the NBA playoffs and the HEAT are looking good! They’re currently 2-0 against the Charlotte Bobcats. Game three is tomorrow in Charlotte and then again on Monday. If we win this round then we’ll face either the Brooklyn Nets or the Toronto Raptors in round two.

The Marlins faced the Atlanta Braves this week and although they lost the series they did win one game which ended their away losing streak. They won that game thanks to great pitching by Jose Fernandez.

I’ve had a pretty good week as well! Wednesday night I was lucky enough to meet singer Enrique Iglesias before game 2 and Thursday night I met Florida Congressman Joe Garcia! Two very different guys who were both extremely nice to me! Thank you Enrique and Congressman Garcia!

Stay tuned for week two of the playoffs… Week one was interesting with a few dark horses doing VERY well. For example, the Wizards and Grizzlies are both up 2-0 (totally unexpected) AND the Atlanta Hawks are 2-1 against the much talked about Pacers! So who knows how things will look in round two but I am very confident about the HEAT.



GOOD News!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Heat/Marlins Hater free zone!  Both times had a great weekend!

So, this weekend, the Marlins got their FIRST sweep of the season against the Seattle Mariners. No offense, but I think it’s partially because I was at Marlins Park Friday, and well, I’m sure my man Giancarlo Stanton’s walk off GRAND SLAM was part of it too, but who knows! Just so you know, Stanton is leading the MLB with 26 RBIs and Marcell Ozuna added some excitement to Easter Eve with 4 RBIs. Our season isn’t looking too bad!

I really hope you guys try to get to some Marlins games because like I said in one of my earlier posts, they need some support!  They’d play much better with a full stadium then an empty one, wouldn’t you?  Plus they are a very nice group of guys. They go to Atlanta but will be back soon!

The Easter Bunny had some competition for the best part of my Sunday after the HEAT beat the Bobcats to take Game 1! LeBron and Wade put up 50 points combined (27 and 23) with James Jones behind them with 12. Wade had 5 nice assists and the game ended 99-88… HEAT WIN! In the Eastern Confrence, the 5th seeded Wizards beat the 4th seeded Bulls, 6th seeded Nets beat the 3rd seeded Raptors, and the 1st seeded Pacers LOSE to the 8th seeded Hawks!  There were many not so encouraging articles about the HEAT in yesterdays newspapers but I for one am confident that this will be a THREEpeat!  I’m not saying it will be easy but they’ll get it done.

Stay tuned…

Baseball is Back!

I hope you’re ready for baseball… BECAUSE IT’S HERE!

A few weeks ago I had a chance to visit the Marlins at Spring Training for Billys Bunch.  I met and interviewed several players including new Marlins catcher (and World Series Champ) Jarrod “Salty” Saltalamacchia.  I found out that he is native to South Florida.  He grew up in Wellington so he is very excited about coming back home and having his parents at his games.

I also met Third Baseman Casey McGehee who was playing baseball in Japan before he came to the Marlins!  Christian Yelich is one of the few returning Marlins players on the roster and he was actually in the minors  at the beginning of last season.  As a matter of fact, Yelich was the youngest Marlin until Pitcher Jose Fernandez arrived.  New center fielder Jeff Baker was interesting to talk to because he told me about his Dad who was in the military so Jeff was always moving everywhere.  He’s lived in so many places and was born in Germany!

All of the players were very fun to talk to and they all couldn’t wait for the season to begin!  You can watch all of my interviews this season on Billys Bunch – Saturdays at 10 am on Fox Sports.

So, the Marlns’ season started Monday and they’ve only lost one game!

The Marlins new  acquisitions have helped the team get off to an extremely positive start.  Casey McGeehee, first baseman Garrett Jones and Jarrod Saltalamaccia have all had great starts.  Giancarlo Stanton has played a HUGE role in their strong start to the season, already hitting two home runs in only 5 games! Not only has the Marlins hitting been great, but our pitching has improved dramatically.  I’m not going to make any play off predictions yet yet but I think it’s definitely going to be a good season.  Make sure you go out to Marlins Stadium and support your home team!

Here are some pictures of the players and I…  Be sure and tune in to Billy’s Bunch: Saturdays at 10 am on Fox Sports!  Go Fish!

IMG_0281 IMG_0273 IMG_0289 IMG_0287



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